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Other Clients Works

As the nature of this work is confidential, I won't be able to share many project deliverables for the time being. However, I can provide a description of the work I've done.


Volkswagen EV Community

I helped visualize the concept of Electric Vehicles (EV) community platform for Volkswagen. I developed a working prototype in 1 week to communicate the idea to the stakeholders.

Samsung Digital Audit

I brought new perspectives from the digital platform to help the business grow through delivering a digital audit for Samsung's end-to-end customer journey.


Shell Customer Experience Journey

I helped Shell analyzing its end-to-end customer journey and provide some design solutions on what the brand can do to elevate the customer experience to grow the business.

Bose Customer Experience

I helped Bose analyzing its customer experience from digital to physical store and proposed design solutions to help the brand enhance the customer experience.


Smirnoff Ecosystem

I helped Smirnoff analyzing its ecosystem from the end-to-end journey through data analysis to provide the design solutions relating to the customer journey.

9/11 Day AR Filter

I created an AR Instagram filter for 9/11 day to commemorate 9/11 through social media by encouraging people to do good deeds. I helped them increase the social media impression to 1.1 billion and 5k impressions for the filter itself in a single day.

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